Readings for July 2015

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I read three books in July 2015, all science fiction.
I highly recommend Kim Stanley Robinson’s new novel, Aurora. I read it once, thought about it for a week, and then read it again. It got even better on second reading. I responded wholly differently to the characters and their decisions the second round.

SevenevesI also finished Seveneves by Neal Stephenson in July. I actually started it in June, but at 880 pages it took me nearly three weeks to get through it in the evenings. In the end, I thought it wasn’t great but was worth the read. There’s a great contrast between Aurora and Seveneves, in fact. In Aurora, the humans die no matter what they do. In Seveneves, they survive no matter the odds.




ArmadaAt the other end of time spectrum was Armada by Ernest Cline. I finished it two days. It don’t recommend it. The character development was thin, and the outcome very predictable. I had listened to an interview with Cline on Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy and was interested to see if the book delivered on Cline’s promises. I didn’t find that it did. I wouldn’t even bother.